Latex mattresses and its essential characteristics

Latex (natural) is one of the most interesting materials because it offers good support to the vertebral column, similar to memory foam, but using natural substances. A disadvantage of this material is its strong sensitivity to moisture which tends to ruin it quickly. For this reason we feel advised against buying if you live in very humid environments. The models defined in latex can be of different types depending on the type of latex used for their structure. In both products, which are natural or synthetic, it is often used the term foam latex which indicates a mattress obtained by coagulation and vulcanization of latex mixed with air. 4th of July mattress sale is the most sought after sale for mattresses online!

Synthetic latex

The synthetic latex is obtained by a chemical process which involves the dispersion of synthetic polymers in a special bath. Polymers derived from styrene butadiene.

If you sleep on your side

Most people love sleeping on their side. However, this position increases up to seven times the weight exerted on pressure points such as hips and shoulders. For this, people sleeping on their sides should choose a mattress that can offer support and relief at pressure points. Given the need for a support able to take on the shape of the body, the best mattresses to sleep on one side are those in memory foam.

If you sleep on your stomach

People who sleep supine (belly up) need good support, especially for the lower part of the spine. If we consider the natural shape of the back, we notice a curve at the level of the lumbar spine. The best place to sleep on your back should support the lower back (allowing the muscles to relax), and maintain the natural curve of the spine.

If you sleep on your stomach

People who sleep prone are a minority, but have different needs for support than those sleeping on their side or on their backs. Sleeping on the stomach, in fact, requires a rigid surface that does not allow the hips or chest to sink compared to the rest of the body, in order to avoid back pain. Given the need for solid support, which does not take the shape of the body, the best way to sleep on the stomach is a latex or spring model.